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The Roman city of Pompeii in A.D. 79 was a thriving provincial centre, a few miles from the Bay of Naples, with a population of between 10,000 and 20,000 people. Its narrow streets, made narrower by street vendors and shops with cloth awnings for shade, were full of shoppers, tavern-goers, slaves, and vacationers from the North. A huge new aqueduct supplied running water from the Lower Apennine mountains, which flowed from fountains throughout the city, even in private homes. [...]

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Perfect English Anlam ÖRNEK CÜMLE activities things to do There are lots of activities that the whole family will enjoy. architecture design of a building The architecture of this building is typical of the Renaissance age. art gallery place to look at professional paintings and drawings We are going to visit the art gallery where local painters exhibit their art. attractions places for tourists to see The water park is our most recent attraction . [...]

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İngilizce Terimler Futbol Terimleri

attacker a player that has possession of the ball away game a game played at the opponent’s ground away team the team that is visiting the opponent’s ground beat to defeat bench a long seat for several people captain the player who leads and directs the other players on the field centre circle a circular marking in the centre of the field from which kickoffs are taken champions a team that has beaten all other teams in a sporting contest championship a sporting contest for the position of champion changing rooms the rooms where players dress to play cheer to [...]

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İngilizce Terimler Satış Terimleri

1 after-sales service n. service that continues after a product has been sold [eg: repairs etc] 2 buyer n. 1 any person who buys anything 2 a person employed by a firm to buy 3 client n. a person who buys services from a lawyer, architect or other professionals 4 close v. to finalise a deal or sale; to make a sale 5 cold call v. to telephone a prospect without previous contact – also n. 6 [...]

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İngilizce Terimler Yayın Terimleri

1 © copyright n. exclusive, legal right of an author to the publication of his work – also v. 2 author n. the person who writes or originates something (book, article, poem etc) 3 bind v. [bound, bound] to put pages of a book together after printing – binding n. 4 blurb n. short, promotional description of a book usually printed on its jacket 5 chapter n. one of the main divisions or sections of a book 6 contents [...]

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