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WIPE OUT : silip süpürmek Synonym      : destroy   WISDOM : akıli sağduyu Synonym: common sense, prudence, insight   WITHDRAW : geri çekmek Synonym      : take back, pull back, extract   WITHOLD: tutmak, saklamak Synonym: reserve, hold back   WITHSTAND : karşı koymak, dayanmak Synonym      : stand against, resist, oppose  

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  The young child’s reliance on visual impressions is made clear by an experiment on the conservation of number. If two rows of checkers are matched one for one against each other, young children will say, correctly, that the rows have the same number of checkers. If the checkers in one row are brought closer together to form a cluster, 5-year-olds say there are now more checkers in the straight row – even though no checkers have been removed. The [...]

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İngilizce Kelime Testi 2

1.The_____obtained in many fields of biological science has been collected with meticulous care. A) reference B) incentive C) heredity D) evidence E) incongruity 2. These new resources of power will enable us to make cheap power available on a vast A) rare B) degree C) level D) number E) scale 3. The _____ interview in the magazine really give readers an understanding of post communist reforms and their effects on the changing face of Europe. A) exclusive B) live C) repressive D) obsessive E) retentive 4. Amongst car manufacturers, our firm was the first and has remained [...]

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