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İngilizce Terimler Yayın Terimleri

1 © copyright n. exclusive, legal right of an author to the publication of his work – also v. 2 author n. the person who writes or originates something (book, article, poem etc) 3 bind v. [bound, bound] to put pages of a book together after printing – binding n. 4 blurb n. short, promotional description of a book usually printed on its jacket 5 chapter n. one of the main divisions or sections of a book 6 contents [...]

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İngilizce Terimleri İngilizce Mülk Terimleri

1 apartmentUS n. a room or group of rooms to live in, usually on one floor; flatUK 2 development n. a number of buildings on a large piece of land – real-estate developer n. 3 elevatorUS n. a compartment for moving people from floor to floor in a building; liftUK 4 en suite adv. forming one unit [eg: bedroom with bathroom en suite] – also adj. 5 estate agentUS n. a person whose business is to sell [...]

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İngilizce Terimler Para Terimleri

1 A.T.M. abbr. Automated Teller Machine; cash dispenserUK 2 banknote n: a piece of paper money; billUS 3 billUS n. a banknote; a piece of paper money 4 black market n. illegal traffic in officially controlled commodities such as foreign currency 5 bureau de change n. establishment where currencies of different countries may be exchanged 6 cash n. 1 coins or bank notes (not cheques); 2 actual money paid as opposed to credit 7 cash dispenserUK n: automatic machine [...]

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İngilizce Terimler Hukuk Terimleri

1 attorney n. 1 a person appointed to act for or represent another 2US lawyer 2 barristerUK n. a lawyer who pleads before a superior court 3 brief n. 1UK instructions to a barrister – also v. 2US written statement of facts for a court 4 case n. statement of the facts in a trial, esp. the argument of one side 5 contract n. a formal agreement, usually in writing, between two or more parties 6 court of law [...]

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İngilizce Terimler Şirket Terimleri

1 Accounts Dept. n. department responsible for administering a company’s financial affairs 2 A.G.M.UK abbr. Annual General Meeting of a company’s shareholders 3 board of directors n. a group of people chosen to establish policy for and direct or control a company 4 chairmanUK n. person who heads a Board of Directors; head of a company; chairperson 5 director n. a member of the board of directors 6 executive officerUS n. person who manages the affairs of a corporation [...]

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İngilizce Terimler Hava Yolculuğu

1 aisle n. corridor in aeroplane between the seats [there are usually one or two] 2 baggage claim n. place where passengers go to find their luggage (cases etc) at the end of a flight 3 board v. to get on or enter an aeroplane – on board adv. 4 boarding pass n. special ticket showing that passenger has checked in and may board plane 5 check in v. to register for a [...]

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