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A friend wants to borrow a school book from you. You don't want to lend it to her as she's always slow in returning everything. She insists. Finally you agree but rather reluctantly. You say: (ÖYS 1996)  

In a day or two it will be Alice's birthday. Instead of everyone in the group buying her a separate present, you think one good present from everyone would be much better. You say: (ÖYS 1996)

Your tooth has been hurting on and off for a while. You realize you must see your dentist so you call his secretary and ask for an appointment. You say: (ÖYS 1997)

Someone has bumped into your father's car and smashed it rather badly. Your father was not hurt in the accident but it has upset him terribly. To cheer him up you say: (ÖYS 1997)

You and some of your friends are organizing a picnic. So far lots of people have promised to bring cakes or sweet things, so you are trying to encourage the others to bring something savory. So when you meet John and Mary you say to them: (ÖYS 1998)

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