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You suddenly learn that you have to be in Rome at the weekend. You telephone your travel agent and ask: (ÖYS 1989)

You have taken a taxi home and you think the fare the taxi driver has asked you to pay is too high; so you say to him; (ÖYS 1993)

A friend is showing you photographs he took at your sister's wedding. They are all good, but one particular photo of your sister is quite perfect. You say in delight: (ÖYS 1994)

You've just left school and wish to start work. You've seen an interesting advertisement in a newspaper and call to get more particulars. You say: (ÖYS 1995)

Driving home on a little used road after a picnic with friends you see an elderly person having trouble changing a tyre. You stop and say encouragingly: (ÖYS 1995)

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