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Debbie: What are your plans for the summer? Janet: I'm going to İzmir to visit my aunt. Debbie: ................... Janet: I'm sure you do. (YDS 1999)  

Andy: What's your brother doing? I haven't seen him around for a long time. Betty: That's because he's moved to Mersin. Andy:           ....................... Betty: Not really. He still works for the same firm, but he's now at the Mersin branch. (YDS 1999)

The primary purpose of notes is to aid learning. Whether the notes are taken from a lecture or a discussion, one obviously doesn't want to put all the material on record. .......... . The items selected in the notes should be sufficient to enable one to reconstruct the rest of the material. (ÖYS 1994)  

Switzerland is only a small country but has rich natural endowments, especially magnificent lakes surrounded by massive, snow-clad mountains. ........ since it is , this scenery that has brought so many tourists to the country. (ÖYS 1995)

For eating out in towns there is a marvellous variety of choice. Many of the Indian restaurants in particular, are very good indeed. ............ . Some of them provide simple dishes, some more ambitious ones. (ÖYS 1995)  

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