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The work of a check-in clerk at an airport is extremely mechanical and repetitive. Tickets are checked, luggage is weighed, seats are allocated. ......... . But this does not lead to a change for the better, for the clerk now has to deal with a lot of angry and frustrated people. (ÖYS 1996)  

Newcomers to London often complain of the lack of public activities, especially in the evenings. ............ . Evening classes, for instance, are flourishing at present. There are evening classes leading to professional qualifications; there are also classes related to hobbies like painting, folk dancing, and local history; but at first, one is not aware of these. (ÖYS 1996)

Mount Everest, 29,002 feet high, is situated on the border of Tibet and Nepal. Since the end of the nineteenth century climbers have been ambitious to conquer it and stand on the highest point of land in the world. However, it was on 29 May 1953 that Everest was conquered for the first time; two British climbers were able to reach the top. ...........  In fact, before this successful climb,there had been ten other attempts, and they had all ended in failure. (ÖYS 1997)  

Roman law is one of the greatest legal systems that has ever existed. ............. The  law of most European countries in particular is based upon it. Historically, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, much of Roman law seemed to be lost or forgotten, but it reappeared in the eleventh century, when there was a great revival of learning. Then, many European countries began to use Roman law in their courts. (ÖYS 1997)

It is not only what is in a diet that may be harmful to our health, but also what is missing. The various vitamins, for instance, are extremely important if we are to enjoy good health. .............. . For example, even a slight lack of vitamin C makes us more likely to catch colds and influenza. (ÖYS 1998)  

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