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Japanese culture places a strong emphasis on mutual help among blood relatives. As a result, the proportion of elderly people living with their children is very high when compared with European countries. .............. . This is partly due to migration, but also to rising numbers of unmarried older people and childless couples. (ÖYS 1998)

I passed all the other courses that I took at my University, but I could never pass botany. ....... .This used to make my instructor very angry. He would wander around the laboratory and be pleased with the work of alt the other students. Then he would come to me. I would just be standing there, doing nothing. (YDS 1999)  

A scientist called Flynn has learned to predict quite accurately when one special volcano, the Paçaya, will erupt. ..........? Because no two are alike. Each volcano has to be studied separately . so that its warning signals can be recognized. (YDS 1999)  

(I) A thousand years ago York was regarded as the capital of the north of England, (II) Jt was a rich city and well-known beyond Britain, (III) In fact it was a trading centre of European fame. (IV) It is not so famous nowadays. (V) It came to this position through the hard work and commercial enterprise of Viking settlers. (ÖYS 1992)  

The Gobi Desert, a 1,200-mile-long stretch of sand along the Mongolia-China border, is unbelievably hot in summer and freezingly cold in winter, (II) Yet these barren plains are irresistible to fossil hunters. (III) In spring, sandstorms roar across it. (IV) As a result clouds of orange-yellow dust from the Gobi cover the streets of Beijing. (V) It is due to this same dust that the river there is indeed the Yellow River. (ÖYS 1993)  

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