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(I) Personal computers have become a part of everyday life in the majority of organizations. (II) They are encountered in many departments, from the shop floor to the managing director's office, (III) Therefore the failure of a personal computer can cause a great deal of trouble. (IV) Another subject that is becoming important is the economic benefits of computerization. (V) However, despite this, few computer users make an adequate effort to safeguard against problems. (ÖYS 1994)  

(I) Some people enjoy watching a play from one of the front rows in a theatre. (II) I don't. (HI) I find I can't forget I'm watching a play when 1 sit too close. (IV) Modern productions naturally make use of such sound effects. (V) The make-up and the scenery are both so obviously artificial. (ÖYS 1995)  

(I) Recently quite a lot of studies have been carried out on the effect of wind on people. (II) The findings are interesting. (Ill) It seems that wind causes a lot of people to get nervous. (IV) Even the best drivers are liable to get involved in accidents when the roads are icy. (V) One result of this is that there are more accidents on the roads in windy weather. (ÖYS 1995)  

(I) Orchids are both a passion and a business for Amy Ede. (II) She runs the Mandai Orchid Garden in Singapore, which was founded by her father in 1951. (III) Yet, the orchid is regarded as the most attractive of flowering plants. (IV) It has become famous for its collection of older varieties, many of which are now rare. (V) As well as preserving orchid history the garden is an important part of Singapore's orchid export trade. (ÖYS 1996)  

(I) We are all aware of the dangers of our own environment, (II) Remember that health insurance provides money after the event. (Ill) But when travelling abroad, we move outside our usual environment and don't know what the problems of the new environment are. (IV) Further, since we are intent upon enjoying ourselves we take less care of ourselves than we should. (V) This is why the foreigner is always at greater risk than the native. (ÖYS 1996)  

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