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(I) Venice is the most romantic of all the Italian towns. (II) It is built entirely on islands. (III) It has canals instead of streets. (IV) In fact, modern Italian culture has derived a lot from ancient Roman culture. (V) So, quite naturally, instead of the wheeled traffic of an ordinary town, it has motor boats and steamers as well as the graceful gondola. (ÖYS 1997)  

(I) The growth in the population of the world has produced other problems. (II) Agricultural workers everywhere agree on this matter, (III) One of them is the problem of producing enough food for everyone. (IV) This problem must be solved if we want there to be peace in the world. (V) For, as everyone knows, a hungry world is never a peaceful world. (ÖYS 1997)

(I) She is one of India's most admired actresses. (II) She has won numerous awards in India and has succeeded in Hollywood as well. (Ill) She is intent on playing an active role in real life, too. (IV) Actually, India's film industry has progressed considerably in recent years. (V) She has, for instance, worked hard to improve the conditions of refugees and earthquake victims and given generously to them. (ÖYS 1998)

(I) Oil pollution is extremely difficult to control. (II) Each year millions of tons of oil are poured into the sea. (Ill) Unfortunately, many governments are reluctant to take strong measures to protect the environment. (IV) Some is done deliberately as tankers wash out their tanks. (V) But much of it is spilled accidentally as tankers collide with other ships. (ÖYS 1998)  

(I) Homer's treatment of the Greek and Trojan heroes is unbiased. (II) He takes great care to show that on both sides there are good and bad people. (III) Although the Trojans are the enemy in Homer's epic, they are not villains. (IV) The gods were quick to punish such bad behaviour. (V) They are as human and heroic as the Greeks. (YDS 1999)

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