The most important influence on the style of English furniture was that of the Chippendale family. Chippendale furniture is the creation of Thomas Chippendale, a London-based cabinet-maker. His Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director, a folio of furniture designs, was published in 1754 and had a wide circulation. Chippendale himself never marked his creations, making it harder today for collectors to locate original pieces. One of the best ways to find original Chippendale furniture is to look for uneven joints and [...]

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Paragrafa Uygun İfade / Sözcük Tamamlama 5

Skyscrapers today are carefully designed (1)—- they will survive every kind of disaster: earthquakes, fires, strong winds, and (2) —- colliding airplanes. Before a skyscraper is ever built, careful (3) —- is given to its foundation. A skyscraper can be in a lot of trouble (4) —- a firm foundation. That’s why the underground foundation of a skyscraper may take as long to create as the building (5) —-. Please go to Paragrafa Uygun İfade / Sözcük Tamamlama 5 to [...]

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KPDS ÜDS Çalışma Notları (RelativeClauses)

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