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You're at work when you suddenly realise it is Mother's Day today, and you are unable to leave the office. You know you can order flowers through the telephone, but you are not sure about how to make the payment, so you call a florist's and ask about their services, saying:

You're going to an important interview. You have two possible suits you could wear, and you can't decide which one would be more suitable. You ask your mother for her advice, saying:    

You travel to work on the bus every day. Today, when you arrive at work, you discover that you don't have your glasses. You remember having them on the bus, so you call the bus company and say:  

You see some delicious-looking peaches being sold by a street vendor, so you decide to buy some. However, you notice that most of the peaches the vendor is putting into the bag for you look a bit green, so you say:  

You want to buy the Monday edition of The Guardian newspaper because you are looking for a job and it has a good employment section. This week, you couldn't get to the newsagent's on Monday. Hoping to find one, you go into the shop on Tuesday and say:  

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