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You have made plans with some of your friends to go to a concert. On the day before the concert one of the friends is taken seriously ill; as you feel it wouldn't be right for any of you to" go to the concert now, you call your other friends and say: (YDS 1999)

A truck suddenly made a left turn in front of you and, though you braked quickly, it was impossible for you not to hit the truck. Since the car you were driving belongs to your father you are upset and want to tell him that it really wasn't your fault. So, you say to him: (YDS 1999)

In my opinion the explanation he gave for the explosion was not very convincing. (ÖYS 1989)

There were plenty of applicants, but I didn't think any of them were suitable. (ÖYS 1990)  

There is no hot water because the central heating system has broken down. (ÖYS 1991)

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