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You are having a job interview for a part-time job. The interviewer asks you if you have ever used a certain computer program. You admit that you haven't, but add confidently:  

You've just been to see a newly released film. You'd been looking forward to seeing it for ages. After the movie, your friend asks you what you thought of it. Although you enjoyed it, you were a bit disappointed, so you reply:

You and your sister receive an allowance every month from your parents. This money has to last the whole month and cover all your expenses, including school lunches, entertainment and bus fares. A week after receiving this month's allowance, your sister comes and asks you for bus fare money, telling you that she's spent all her money. Shocked, you say disbelievingly:

You have a Saturday job in a ladies' clothing shop. Today you are serving a customer who is taking a long time trying to decide whether to buy the dress she's tried on. Wanting to persuade her to buy it, you flatter her, saying:

One of your friends has always wanted to try bungee jumping. Now the opportunity has finally come. Just as your friend is about to jump, he turns to you and tells you that he is afraid and doesn't want to do it after all. Personally, you would never bungee jump, but your friend has wanted to do it for such a long time. You encourage him forcefully, saying:

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