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While you're preparing for a party, your sister spills coffee all over your new white shirt. She's very apologetic, but you're upset, so you can't help but respond hurtfully, saying:

Your parents have gone out, and you and a group of friends are watching a horror film on video. Just as the film finishes, you hear a noise that sounds a bit like a door slamming. Under the influence of the film, you say nervously:

Someone in a higher position than you keeps interfering with your work even though she knows little about the details of the job and you are the person on the spot. Angered by the problems caused by her constant interference, but also aware of her sensitivity and consciousness of her rank, you try to make the situation clear saying diplomatically:

You have a friend who enjoys martial arts films while you prefer serious films with a strong story line. Thinking it was a serious adaptation of Shakespeare, you saw the kung fu film "Romeo Must Die", and though you hated it, you think your friend will enjoy it, so you say to him:  

  Some friends of your parents' ask you to baby-sit for them. You know from experience that they do not pay enough for it to be worthwhile, and wishing to get out of it without causing offence, you say:

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