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The project to build a prison on the hill outside the town has come up against a lot of ---- from the local residents since they don't want to have one in the vicinity.

Two of the most---- criminals in US film history were 'Bonnie and Clyde', who portray a young couple in the film, who rob banks and shoot people.

The child was ---- rude to his mother until she eventually lost patience with him and sent him up to his room.

At first, the Vikings did not settle on the British Isles, but they often ---- villages on the coast stealing valuables and taking slaves.

There is a waiting area in Penn Station, New York, which you can only enter if you have a long distance train ticket; with this system, they attempt to ---- pickpockets and other thieves.

Upon the completion next month of its renovation and expansion, the museum ---- its exhibition space and added an auditorium ---- for performances and lectures.

Our sense of self ---- by the roles and qualities that our peers and teachers ---- to us.

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