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Although the American writer Katherine Anne Porter used a variety of places ---- the setting of her short stories and novels, she frequently came ---- to the scenes of her early days.  

The way of life ---- which he was drawn ultimately led ---- the collapse of his business.  

The Weddell seal can swim under the ice ---- a depth of 500 metres ---- more than an hour without coming up for air.  

---- relieve some of the burden on the city's only airport, they are planning to build a second one.

---- Ethiopia is at war with Eritrea has meant many Western nations are reluctant to send food aid to avert widespread famine.

Although ducks are common throughout the world, some species, the pinkheaded duck of India, ---- are very rare.  

Great natural disasters cause ---- widespread death ---- massive social disruption and outbreaks of epidemic disease.  

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