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Stephen: I'm off to a meeting, so don't make any appointments for the afternoon. Secretary: ---- Stephen: In that case call him, and give him my apologies. Secretary: I will do so right away.  

Richard: Do you think our team has any chance of winning? Mike: ---- Richard: And good to watch, also. Mike: Yes, let's hope so.  

Son: HasAnkara changed much? Father: ---- Son: W ell? Father: Is that there is a whole newAnkara growing up where before there were only fields?

Mrs. Lawson: You’re looking depressed or frustrated or something. Mr. Lawson: It’s that big order we’ve been working so hard on for weeks. Mrs. Lawson: W ell? W hat’s happened? Mr. Lawson: ----  

Alison: How was the exhibition? Roger: ---- Alison: Let me know when that will be and I’ll try to join you. Roger: Yes, do. You’ll enjoy it.

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Perfect Blog geri dön
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