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Mrs Smart: How is Barry getting on in his new job? Mrs Palmer: Well, he doesn't complain, but clearly he finds it very tiring. Mrs Smart: ---- Mrs Palmer: Yes, I suppose you're right.  

Mary: You're looking depressed. W hat's the matter? Peter: ---- Marry: W ell, It's only Wednesday today. It will be over by the weekend. Peter: I certainly hope it will.  

Alan: Have you read Blake's review of the play in The Times? David: Yes, I have. And I think it's most unfair. Alan: ---- David: W ell, that just shows he hasn't understood the least thing about the play.

Secretary : W hen can you give me the report for typing Mr. Baines: ---- ? Secretary : W ell; it is, rather Mr. Baines : Then; I'll do my best to get it to you on Thursday.

Mrs Frazer: I was sorry to hear your mother had been taken ill. How is she doing now? Mrs Seymour: She’s much better, thank you. She leaves hospital tomorrow. Mrs Frazer: ---- Mrs Seymour: Yes do. I’m sure she’ll be very pleased to see you.

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Perfect Blog geri dön
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