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As regards the proposals for the treaty on economic cooperation, my government has certain ---- concerning them.  

After the earthquake in 1999, the government was accused of not having provided enough supervision of builders, whose ---- construction of housing increased the destruction and added to the number of dead.

About 550 volcanoes have erupted on Earth’s surface since the beginning of recorded history, but far more have erupted ---- on the ocean floor.  

It was  felt that the EC had  ---- on a program of economic change that the member states could not sustain.

Earthquake-proof buildings have a very strong framework that is flexible and can bend as the earthquake shakes the building, thus preventing the building from ----.

It ---- extremely difficult to determine what sickness a patient held in the mid 1940s, yet the use of ultrasound and magnetic resonance since 1945 ---- it easier to diagnose disease.

Various agencies ---- to keep pesticide use within safe limits, and most consumers feel they ---- on them.  

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