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TOEFL Gramer Testleri 2

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TOEFL Gramer Testleri 2

1) Clifford Goertz, perhaps ……… famous anthropologist in the world today has revolutionized the way anthropology is taught on campuses.
A) more
B) most
C) the most
D) the more
E) a

2) Holding a black umbrella in his hand he said he didn’t know …… it was, and added that it was not ……
A) which/him
B) whose/his
C) who/her
D) whom/us
E) that /theirs

3) The Deputy Prime Minister declared today that it was …….. early to propose amendments in the legislation concerning industrial relations.
A) as well as
B) just so
C) just as
D) as soon as
E) as yet too

4) Activists are those in a political movement who persist in taking active steps towards their objectives …….. merely putting forward an action programme.
A) in order to
B) rather than
C) as far as
D) in that
E) so long as

5) He is diplomatically qualified ……… to negotiate for a reciprocal reduction of the armed forces in the region.
A) enough
B) though
C) as well as
D) not only
E) also

6) As he was not satisfied with the contents of the reports, he declined to sign it, and none of the members tried to persuade him to, …….
A) also
B) too
C) as well
D) either E) yet
7) Though he got other people to do research for him in the archives he ….. wrote the entire report.
A) too
B) himself
C) also
D) as well
E) thus

8) Now …… car is being repaired, so we shall have to go in.
A) my/yours
B) mine/your
C) their/us
D) his/our
E) hers/theirs

9) ……the manager looks shy, youthful and kind, he is in fact a rare combination of discipline, energy and intellect.
A) So that
B) Even so
C) Although
D) Therefore
E) In case

10) Bearing in mind that there are millions of hungry people in the world, it shouldn’t be difficult to appreciate …… important it is for us to find new sources of food.
A) just
B) why
C) what
D) that
E) how

11) ……. wins will be expected to take the rest of us out for a lunch
A) Whoever
B) Who
C) Whomever
D) Whomsoever
E) Whatever

12) In our day, ………. rapid transportation and communications, the whole world is becoming one community with common economic interests.
A) as long as
B) in spite of
C) just as
D) because of
E) such as

13) Of all the drugs that have been prescribed so far, this is …….. efficient one.
A) most
B) the most
C) more
D) just as
E) the more

14) Under the present conditions we don’t have to take the case to court, …….?
A) do we
B) have we
C) is it,
D) isn’t it
E) don’t we

15) It was obvious that he wasn’t over impressed by the way the business was run, and I must admit ……. .
A) I also was.
B) I did, too.
C) I wasn’t, either.
D) neither did I.
E) so did I.

16) The way of life .. which he was drawn eventually led ……. the collapse of his business.
A) with/up to
B) from/out of
C) by/into
D) into/to
E) through/down to

17) ….. first consulting us, I don’t think he had any right to reach such a compromise …… the strikers.
A) By/over
B) After/on
C) Before/from
D) In/to
E) Without/with

18) It wouldn’t have surprised me if he ____ after that event.
A) resigned
B) had resigned
C) were to resign
D) has resigned
E) would’ve resigned

19) If we are to get out of this political mess, someone …… the lead; and the sooner they begin the better.
A) has taken
B) should’ve taken
C) had to take
D) must’ve taken
E) will have to take

20) It is hoped that by the end of the century the growth rate of the world population ……. considerably.
A) will have been curbed
B) would have been curbed
C) has been curbed
D) will curb
E) will have to curbed

21) Obviously there ……. a noteworthy improvement in the condition of the patient since he ……. surgery.
A) is/undergoes
B) was/has undergone
C) will be/had undergone
D) has been/underwent
E) would have been / would undergo

22) By the time Brahms ….. to compose his symphonies this form …. well-established.
A) was beginning / would have been
B) had begun/had been
C) began/had been
D) has begun/has been
E) would begin/would be

23) Lots of evidence has come to light to prove that he has been involved ……. smuggling.
A) through
B) at
C) by
D) in
E) over

24) The high rate of inflation clearly puts a great strain …… the majority of working families.
A) on
B) in
C) beyond
D) through
E) by

25) It is just probable that there is ……. reason behind his refusal of this award.
A) other
B) another
C) the others
D) any
E) rather

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