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As scientific knowledge increased, so did the practical applications. The eighteenth century witnessed what is usually called the Industrial Revolution, __________.Since then, there has been a succession of technical innovations and fewer manual workers have been needed.

__________ , but only a few years ago great numbers of sharks were killed for their oil. Shark oil was used to light lamps and shark liver oil was found to be rich in vitamins A and D. Shark skin also had its uses and shark's teeth are still worn as decorations, of course, by Pacific islanders.

What is soul? From Plato onwards, many answers have been given to this question, but no one answer has ever been found to be adequate. __________.Presumably we must mean something by it.

Every inhabitant of a modern city is familiar with the excess of social relationships and responsibilities and knows the disturbing feeling of not being as pleased as he ought to be at the visit of a friend even though __________.

The passenger ship the Titanic hit an iceberg on its first journey in 1912. The ship did not have enough lifeboats for everyone; therefore, __________.

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