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The planets are the celestial bodies that revolve round the sun in elliptical orbits. __________.There are also a large number of minor planets, commonly called asteroids. Today many important questions concerning the planets can be answered by means of probes sent to them. These include the measurement of the magnetic field, if any, of the planets, the study of their atmospheres and, in some cases surface conditions.

We all know that learning is important __________ ? A dictionary might tell you that learning is acquiring knowledge through experience and study. A teacher might tell you that it is memorizing what he wants you to know for an examination. Your boss might tell you that it is mastery of the task you are hired to do. A psychologist might tell you that it is a relatively permanent change in behavior due to past experience. Obviously learning takes place in many ways and forms.

Many scientists, including Charles Darwin, wondered why we cry tears. What is the biological or evolutionary purpose of tears? We could just as well cry without any tears falling. But, in fact, our eyes fill with tears. Scientists have proposed many theories about tears, but none of these theories has been proven. __________.

Some sociologists are concerned that America is no longer "a melting pot," but "a salad bow!" Unlike most earlier immigrants who are willing to learn English and wanted to "melt" into American life, many of today's immigrants do not see the need, __________? How will all this affect American's future?

__________. His principal equipment is a leather couch for patients to lie on and a cabinet of mysterious drugs of one kind or another to send them off to sleep. He is particularly interested in the dreams of his clients and may use some form of hypnosis to study their repressed thoughts and secret emotions.

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